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Elm Tree Circle

Elm Tree Circle is a band based in Berlin, Germany. Three guys, Nic (Vocals and Guitar), Henne (Guitar/Bass) and Jo (Drums) describe their music as influenced by Say Anything, Brand New or Blink 182. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to check them out live because every bloody time they have a gig coming up, I’m in Australia during that time. What would the world do without the internet nowadays. For a while now I enjoy their music on YouTube with amazing videos and also on Spotify. Their debut EP “Drawn” was released in March 2016 and according to their Facebook page the LP is coming soon. You can listen to their EP on YouTube. Elm Tree Circle has official music videos and acoustic versions you can listen to.

What probably makes them unique to me personally, is that they are not trying to be someone else. At least it feels like this to me, that they know what they are doing without tweeting every few minutes and posting irrelevant content to their Facebook page. Elm Tree Circle’s YouTube channel is also not overpacked with poorly produced videos but every music video and song has its own style. I can’t wait to see them live one day. If you get the chance you should too. Until then, here are their links, go mad on stalking.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud | Snapchat – elmtreecircle

The Fangirling Incident

In 2010 a friend introduced me to the small local band Sold As Great. He showed me the YouTube video of the song “Is it Worth the Time” and I immediately fell in love with this song. Not only that, I also had a crush on singer and guitarist Nic straight away. Talking about it now is kind of embarrassing, but don’t judge, my teenage self was weird, who wasn’t? I would listen to this song over and over again and I noticed that the video set place in Dortmund, Germany. Very close to where I live. But as you would think of famous people, so I thought of Sold As Great. I would never meet them, way to famous. Little did I know…

During my second semester of university in 2014, a long time later, I was going out with friends for lunch. One of them invited another friend that I didn’t know. While sitting at lunch, talking to my girls and the new guy I didn’t know, I was already wondering: Do you know this dude? I could’ve sworn I’ve seen him before. We would just talk to each other, nothing exciting. Back at university I was sitting in the lecture and out of no where it just hit me in the face. It was the guy that I was fangirling over a long time ago. That I never thought I would meet and coincidentally I just had lunch with him. Crazy small world.

A year later

Some time later we caught up a few times and I even had the guts to tell him about my little fangirling phase 100 years ago. The world is small and full of miracles, even small ones.

Sold As Great

Elm Tree Circle started of as a solo project

Sold As Great was Nic’s previous band before he started his solo project. He announced on Elm Tree Circles’ Facebook page in 2015, that after a few band and other solo acoustic shows they decided to keep this set up as a band. Elm Tree Circle went on a East Europe Tour last year and played in Poland, Chez Republic, Latvia, Russia, Finnland and other countries. At the moment there are no upcoming shows planned, but I think it can’t be long until there will be. I would say you betting keep posted with their social media and website.

Check out their music it would mean a lot to me and tell me what you think in the comments below. Until next time,

Cherrio, Svenja

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