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Two different worlds. Finding home.

I bet many of you know the feeling you get when you return from traveling. Living and experiencing another place than what you used to call home. In the following I want you to be part of my journey of finding home.

I had this experience multiple times now and the feeling doesn’t change. I have been to Australia in 2010 for six month, living with a host family and going to school. Back then I was only 16, pretty insecure and not independent yet. For you to follow I guess I should start in the beginning:

I had no idea what to expect and what time would bring once I got to Australia. What felt like a strange place for weeks became my home. My host family became my family, I found friends and my language skills increased heaps.

The magic of the country and the open minded people stole my heart. I started calling Australia home and Germany was just Germany. I wanted to stay but wasn’t allowed to. This period of my life had a fixed ending that I didn’t realize at that point. It wasn’t clear to my teenage self that I left my family and everything behind and had to go back to it.

The moment I got back “to Germany” it didn’t feel real. It felt like a dream. A six month long dream that didn’t happen. The world I was used to before was back, out of no where and what became my home just disappeared. The everyday life set in immediately, like I never even left. But my way of thinking about home was changed.

I’ve been to Australia a couple of times now and this feeling continues. I’m currently waiting on my visa to be granted for a permanent residency. Should I feel guilty about giving up my life here?

Does it matter what’s said on paper or on your passport? Does a country or your origin describe the feeling of being home? My answer is no.

As cheesy and stupid as it sounds: Home is where the heart is.

How to overcome guilt and achieve your dreams without bypassing your family once you found your home and where you belong?

Having a goal in mind is important. Knowing how to get there is even more important. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get to your dream.

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.” – Confucius 

What I learned is to involve your family and friends and explain how important the situation is for you. Not many have had the chance to live somewhere else and got to know a different culture, living with other people around them. That is what’s causing misunderstandings and causing horrible relationships with your family.

The key to success is communication as banal as it sounds. Set up your goals, how you want to achieve them and communicate them with everyone who is related in your changes.

Finding Home: Coala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary by svenjawhateverrCoala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary by svenjawhateverr
Finding home: Sydney Harbour Bridge by svenjawhateverr

Finding home can be hard.

Try to connect to others that experience the same situation. Not knowing where you belong from time to time can be totally normal. Make sure you don’t get too deep into heartbreak but figure out how you want to overcome your sadness. I always focus on how to reach being back home soon.

How I beat my worries and make time fly.

  1. Count the days: You can do it manually by crossing of the days in a calendar. I use an app called DreamDays as well (iOSAndroid)
  2. Make yourself little notes as reminders: For me it was really hard to leave my Australian boyfriend behind. And to be back home with him I had get through exams at university. I wrote notes and put them everywhere I could see them, like: You want to be back home, SO STUDY!
  3. Stay in touch: Missing a certain place and even more the people that you start carrying about can be the hardest part. I try to chat with my friends regularly and FaceTime with my boyfriend and his family.
  4. Be happy you live in our time: In addition to Skype, FaceTime nowadays you have so many other social media platforms to connect like FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on.
  5. Last but not least. Enjoy every day: You haven’t reached the end yet. Every day is one day closer to what you want to achieve. Always remind yourself that you will be finding home soon and that you can be there if you really want to. So you will.

I hope this helped you in your journey of finding home. More travel and related blog posts are on it’s way. While you’re here make sure to share your story in the comments down below!

Cherrio, Svenja

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